Opening times:
Wed-Fr: 10.00 - 17.00, Sat: 10.00 - 12.00



Collective Exhibition

Following a line of sight beyond the western paradigm of the transcendental human subject, the exhibition “nothing is connected to everything, everything is connected to something” tentatively explores the concept of assemblage. An assemblage signifies a becoming that brings together heterogeneous parts into a provisional whole. It is not a series of predefined parts that are brought together to form an already planned structure, but rather a rearrangement of elements – social practices, discursive statements, ideological positions etc. We are entangled in and determined by many assemblages. The works in this exhibition enact the battle of the desire to escape definition and question the possibility of limited freedom on a micropolitical level. A world beyond values and meanings opens that seems to be predestined by our biological makeup, evolutionary heritage, historical-political and familial structures of life. The diverse works are in dialogue with as well as in opposition to one another and, among other things, address the question of what our subjectivity is made of.

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